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An In-Depth Look at Our Program

What to Expect

Prepare for a Life-Changing Experience at Lionheart Recovery Center

You’ve made the decision to change your life and get help for drug & alcohol abuse at Lionheart Recovery Center. Maybe you are looking to help a loved one who is struggling with a substance use problem. Whether you need help or it’s a loved one, let us be there with you, side-by-side, through the journey towards freedom from addiction. 

When people ask us why they should choose our program, we usually send them to this page, as we believe it covers many of the core foundations of our program. From our admissions team, who works tirelessly to help each and every person who contacts us, to our clinical and medical team who help guide our clients on their path to recovery, you will get personalized service from beginning to end. 

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Welcome to Lionheart Recovery Center
When you walk through the doors at Lionheart Recovery Center, you will be greeted with open arms by your personal treatment concierge, the LRC staff, and your welcome kit. This includes your personalized iPad for therapeutic and personal use, a comfy LRC robe, toiletries, and other items you have the privilege of utilizing throughout your stay with us. You will be given a tour of our location, in addition to the standard initial assessment by our medical and professional team. Wherever you’ve come from, we believe you deserve the best.
The First 24 Hours
The detoxification period begins in the first 24 hours of arrival. Upon completing your assessment our team will hand craft a treatment plan that is specific to your needs in treatment. You will be assigned a personal therapist that will be with you throughout your entire stay. If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, we encourage our residents to partake in all of our amenities that aid the detox process. From our outdoor jacuzzi to healthy meals we offer plenty of options that help heal your body after the harm of active addiction. You can also relax in the sun or enjoy a movie on your iPad.
A Truly Personalized Experience
As your residential inpatient experience begins, you will experience therapies and activities that heal the mind, body and spirit. At Lionheart Recovery our goal is to bring you back to life by building your self esteem. We took standard life skills education and combined it with our boutique and personalized approach to addiction recovery. From cooking classes with our gourmet chef using fresh farm to table ingredients, to regular visits to Sunset Park, a Vegas staple for exercise and experiential therapies. We want to teach you there’s more to life than substances.
Recovery Support
We offer multiple paths to recovery. While our program is based on the principles of 12 step recovery, we understand that addiction recovery is unique to the person. From AA to NA to SMART Recovery and more we don’t care what support group you pick, just that you pick one. We also offer a specialized program just for vets, where our veteran residents can heal and freely talk about their personal experiences in the military and with addiction.
Healing the Entire Family
Addiction, at its core, is a family disease. The addict themselves may be the one who is directly affected, but ask any loved one how their family is affected by their addicted loved one. Our goal is to not only heal our clients, but to also heal the family dynamic from the chaos of active addiction. Many times there is resentment, hurt, disappointment, and many negative feelings when we talk about substance use and families, but there is hope. Through integrated therapies and workshops, families can educate themselves on the disease of addiction, participate in active family therapy sessions and find general healing through the essential family programming at Lionheart Recovery.
Preparing for Life in Recovery After Rehab
You will always be a part of the Lionheart family as you enter the doors and after you leave and begin living your life in Recovery. How do we stay connected? At Lionheart Recovery Center we ensure that you’re set up for success after you complete treatment. Whether you plan on attending an aftercare level of treatment, head back home to your family, or plan on restarting your career, we support you. Our case manager will work with you to develop the aftercare plan that works for you. We also encourage alumni to attend events and check-in anytime once they complete our program. Once you've been here, you are always welcome
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