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Residential Inpatient Treatment in Las Vegas

Residential Inpatient

The inpatient program at Lionheart Recovery was designed to truly offer each resident a unique experience throughout their stay with us. 

Across the nation, millions of Americans struggle each day with a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol. These struggles are not limited to adults. In some cases, victims of severe and potentially life-threatening substance use disorders are as young as age twelve.

If you or a loved one have previously completed addiction treatment and experienced relapse or if you struggle with a severe addiction, an inpatient residential treatment environment like Lionheart Recovery Center in Las Vegas may be best suited to meet your treatment needs and goals. During their stay at a residential inpatient program, sometimes called inpatient rehab, residents in need of intensive addiction treatment can receive twenty-four-hour care in a safe, supported, and substance-free environment. During inpatient treatment, clients often have access to a higher level of care that can be provided through individual therapy sessions or as part of an outpatient rehab program. 

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Knowing Your Options When Seeking Treatment

How Does Residential Inpatient Treatment Work?

Both inpatient and outpatient programs place a strong emphasis on treatment and recovery; however, there are significant differences in the level of care provided at each. These differences may provide guidance as you make your treatment decisions. Inpatient programs like Lionheart Recovery are intensive programs that require the participant to “live” on the premises throughout the duration of their treatment program. Inpatient residential programs are often the best choice for addicts struggling with a severe addiction, co-occurring mental or physical health concerns, or those who have completed treatment previously and experienced a relapse. When you choose to attend an inpatient addiction treatment program, you will need to “check-in” to the facility and remain on-site while working with the treatment staff to address the roots and driving forces behind addictive behaviors. In the residential treatment setting, you have access to physical, psychological, and spiritual care 24/7. Many inpatient programs have higher success rates than other levels of care due to how the residential nature of the treatment environment removes opportunities for triggers or relapse during the course of treatment. Learn more about what to expect at our residential program by clicking here now.

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Our Residential Treatment Center in Las Vegas, Nevada is Here to Help

The first step in many inpatient programs is the intake process. When you arrive at rehab, you will begin working with members of your treatment team to determine the best therapy models to suit your treatment needs and goals. Also, treatment staff will take this time to learn more about your medical history, mental health history, and your previous experiences with addiction and addiction treatment. All of these details are essential to determining the best course of treatment for you. After intake, depending on your specific needs, the next steps may include detox, comprehensive addiction treatment therapy, and aftercare planning as you progress through treatment and recovery. 

We work with you to create tailor-made, individualized treatment programs based on evidence-based addiction therapy models. We understand that addiction is unique to the individual, and therefore, addiction treatment programs must address the unique needs of the person, not the addiction. In addition to traditional programs such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), we also provide a variety of alternative therapy options like aquatic therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and life skills services such as basic cooking skills and recipes, financial Planning, resume writing / submitting job applications, navigating public transportation and general housekeeping to enhance your therapeutic journey. 

Spending time away from family and loved ones is a challenging part of inpatient treatment. At our Las Vegas treatment center, we strive to ensure you can experience treatment in the most comfortable and supportive environment possible. Our secure and isolated location provides unique benefits and amenities, including a pool, jacuzzi, basketball court,  your personalized iPad for access to hundreds of movies, shows and books, art therapy, fully-equipped gym with on-site fitness trainer, running trails, volleyball court, pool table, ping-pong table, and steps from the famous Sunset Park

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