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Treating Substance Use & Co-Occurring Disorders


We are one of the few facilities in Nevada with the “enhanced“ dual diagnosis certification which allows us to assist more complex dual diagnosis clients.

A dual diagnosis treatment program helps identify and address the mental health symptoms that you may struggle with and the emotional, physical, and psychological factors that may have led to maladaptive and addictive behaviors. It is not uncommon for substance use disorders to develop out of using drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication to mitigate unpleasant symptoms related to a mental health diagnosis. Another reason dual diagnosis treatment is so beneficial is that it offers someone struggling with addiction and mental health a safe and healthy way to learn about and identify the potential triggers (such as events, places, and people) that impact their behaviors. 

Many dual diagnosis treatment programs like at our boutique drug rehab in Las Vegas utilize traditional, evidence-based therapy models in conjunction with holistic and alternative therapies such as equine therapy and music therapy. These combined treatment models ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment program possible.

Lionheart Recovery Center offers just that. Our all-encompassing treatment program aims to treat the entire person, not just substance use. Explore how our program can help and what to expect by clicking here now.

Treat the Root of the Problem

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment
in Las Vegas?

Dual diagnosis occurs when someone struggles with one or more mental health conditions in addition to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. While not often talked about, dual diagnosis is quite common among those seeking addiction treatment. Depending on the individual and their unique circumstances, they may be aware of one diagnosis or the other (either their struggle with substances or symptoms related to mental health) before they learn about dual diagnosis. Statistics show as many as half of those who seek treatment for mental health also meet the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder. Dual diagnosis conditions (also referred to as co-occurring disorders) are closely connected. However, there is little research evidence to clarify or prove whether one diagnosis or illness causes the other. 

There is, however, sufficient evidence to indicate that struggles with substance use or addiction can often lead to maladaptive coping mechanisms and symptoms of new or worsening mental health conditions.  Those who struggle with a mental health condition, regardless of an official diagnosis, often turn to drugs or alcohol to lessen the severity of the symptoms they experience. Unfortunately, self-medicating in this way causes additional side effects and often leads to the development of a substance use disorder. 

The importance of dual-diagnosis treatment is at the core of our program here at Lionheart Recovery Center. Our Las Vegas dual-diagnosis program combines the best treatment methods alongside holistic remedies to create tailor-made treatment plans that work for the individual and their root causes of addiction and mental illness.

How Co-Occurring Treatment Can Aide Long-Term Recovery

Why is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Needed When Treating Addiction?

When someone struggles with a dual diagnosis, they experience symptoms of both a substance use disorder and a mental health diagnosis simultaneously. It can be difficult for medical professionals to know how to treat both as the conditions are significantly intertwined and often share root causes. Dual diagnosis or co-occurring conditions also share overlapping symptoms, which makes treating one condition without adequately addressing the other challenging and not beneficial for the client. The best treatment program for someone with a dual diagnosis is one at a facility where the treatment staff is skilled in treating co-occurring conditions.

Dual diagnosis treatment is essential as it allows the individual seeking treatment and their treatment team to focus on all areas of the problem offering the most comprehensive opportunities for recovery. 

A Program Rooted in Compassion & Empathy

What to Expect from a Mental Health Facility in Las Vegas

For many years, there was a strong yet misguided belief that someone with a dual diagnosis should address each issue separately, in separate treatment programs. There were many challenges related to this way of treating clients. First, mental health and addiction are heavily connected, and failure to address the symptoms of both challenges ensures you are only addressing half of a client’s need. As previously noted, one does not necessarily cause the other, but they share many symptoms. Quite often, they desire to alleviate mental health symptoms frequently leads to substance use and abuse, and attempting to achieve sobriety often results in some mental health symptoms. Fortunately, how the treatment community addresses dual diagnosis has changed. 

Today’s dual diagnosis treatment programs consist of several parts, including detox, assessment, treatment, and aftercare (alumni programs). Depending on your unique and individual needs when you enter treatment, the first step may be detoxification. Completing detox allows you to wean off substances in a safe and supervised setting. It is only after you have cleansed your system of substances that you can safely and successfully immerse yourself in the treatment process.  You will work with your treatment team to develop a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals. During a comprehensive intake interview, they will ask you about your medical, mental health, and substance use histories. It is essential for your treatment team to have a complete understanding of your relationship with substances to ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment possible. A dual diagnosis treatment program will include elements to address both your addiction and mental health needs. As you prepare for discharge at the completion of your treatment program, your treatment team at Lionheart Recovery Center will work with you to design an after plan that includes ongoing therapy and supports to ensure lasting, long-term recovery. 

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Completely Heal at Our Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center in Nevada

When you struggle with a mental health condition and a substance use disorder, dual diagnosis treatment is vital to ensuring your best opportunity for attaining sobriety and long-term recovery. Unfortunately, not all addiction programs are equipped to address dual diagnosis conditions. It is essential to research each program to ensure you find a program like our drug treatment program in Las Vegas, where our skilled treatment providers can ensure you receive the most comprehensive addiction treatment program possible. 

If you would like to learn more about our programs at Lionheart Recovery, including our programs designed to serve America’s Veterans, reach out to our admissions team today. At our Las Vegas residential treatment center, we will work with you to create a dual diagnosis treatment plan that considers your unique physical, psychological and spiritual treatment needs. The road to sobriety is not often easy. When you struggle with mental health and addiction symptoms simultaneously, that road can seem even more difficult. With the help of comprehensive, supportive treatment, sobriety and recovery are within reach. Help is just a phone call away. Reach out to the treatment team at Lionheart Recovery today. We’re standing by day and night here to help you find your personal solution to addiction. 

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