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Aftercare & Alumni

Deciding to seek addiction treatment is one of the most vital steps one can make on their journey to recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, although completing an addiction treatment program is an essential first step, it is by no means the last. Comprehensive addiction treatment will help you attain sobriety and maintain long-term recovery. During your stay at Lionheart Recovery in Las Vegas, you will learn about and explore the issues that lie at the root of the addiction. You will also learn safe and healthy ways to evaluate and change the negative thought and behavior patterns that continue to propagate addictive behaviors. However, once treatment is complete, what happens next?

Aftercare planning and a comprehensive aftercare program are crucial parts of your comprehensive treatment plan. Proper aftercare helps someone recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol slowly and safely transition back to their daily obligations and responsibilities with a high level of support. Without aftercare planning, many who are in the early (and often most challenging stages) of recovery struggle with isolation and other challenges directly related to how their newfound sobriety has changed their day-to-day lives. 

It is not uncommon for these challenges and triggers to lead to relapse. 

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How Our Treatment Center in Las Vegas Can Help

Substance Use Treatment Services

Lionheart Recovery Center is a brand-new, ultramodern substance use treatment program located in the heart of the Tamiyasu area of Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer a refreshing change to addiction treatment with tailor-made treatment plans and an exclusive program for our veterans. Our luxury amenities are meant to boost our client’s self-esteem and provide a true path to healing and recovery from addiction.


The first step in the treatment process, our detoxification services can help ease the pain of withdrawal all while in a comfortable and safe environment.


Once detox is completed, clients begin the work to achieve long-term success in addiction recovery through our expertly-crafted residential inpatient program.

Veteran's Program

Our exclusive veteran's program is made specifically for vets who need treatment for substance use, trauma, and co-occurring disorders in our specialized program.

Treatment Services

Our Las Vegas drug & alcohol treatment center was designed to focus on you. Your individual needs in treatment are our top priority from the day you enter our program.


1 in 4 clients who seek treatment for substance use also suffer from a co-occurring mental illness? We do, which is why we offer dual diagnosis programming.

Activities & Wellness

From our nutrition & wellness focus to our extracurricular activities, our clients will learn how to live life without drugs & alcohol, while having fun!

The Benefits of Aftercare

Why is Aftercare Planning Needed?

Despite years of misconceptions and stigma, the medical and mental health communities now view (and refer to) addiction as a disease. It is not a disease with a “cure.” Recovery from addiction is a journey characterized by setbacks, stumbling blocks, and instances of relapse along the way. Our clients have access to comprehensive addiction treatment, robust aftercare planning, and an active and supportive alumni program, ensuring your goals sobriety and long-term recovery are within reach. 

Aftercare is an essential part of your addiction treatment program. Participation in aftercare activities helps prevent relapse and reduces the need for secondary or repeated stays in addiction treatment. For your overall addiction treatment experience to be most effective, you should transition directly to aftercare programs immediately after completing your addiction treatment program or upon returning home to your “normal life.” Relapse prevention or aftercare supports are designed to create a supportive and comfortable environment where recovering addicts can speak openly about their feelings, struggles, temptations, and strengths throughout the recovery process. The ability to stay connected to peers and support within the recovery community is one of the best ways to remain sober and prevent relapse as the level of support provided during addiction treatment is reduced.

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The Importance of Participating in Our Alumni Program

Aftercare planning is needed to ensure recovering addicts have access to support and therapy environments where they can be open about thoughts, temptations, and inevitable slip-ups. The sooner you can admit they are struggling with temptation or triggers or that you have relapsed, the sooner you can get back into treatment and back on the path to recovery. The support groups and social circles developed as part of involvement in various aftercare programs provide you with safe and healthy outlets to disclose your fears and concerns. It also provides a network of supportive, like-minded individuals who can help you get back on track when needed. 

Participation in an alumni program is essential to ongoing recovery. Data provided by the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicates relapse rates for those who have completed treatment are as high as 60%. Ongoing participation in therapy, peer support groups, and attending medical and mental health appointments regularly can help reduce the power of triggers and the occurrence of relapse. 

"The team at Lionheart Recovery Center is truly a group of dedicated people who care about the outcome. If you are in need of help, LRC is one of your best choices for addiction treatment in Las vegas!"
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"Connie Armijo is one of the most dedicated people I know. The work and attention to detail at LRC is unlike most rehabs. If you need help, let LRC help you. They know what they are doing and will be there for you."
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"Choosing an addiction treatment provider can be overwhelming. The team at Lionheart Recovery Center is there to help every step of the way. They will find you the best treatment that works for you, even if it's not at their program. They truly care!"
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Preparing for What Happens After You Leave Our Program

The Aftercare Process at Lionheart Recovery in Las Vegas

At Lionheart Recovery Center in Las Vegas, each client works hand in hand with their treatment team to develop a comprehensive aftercare plan that meets their unique treatment needs and goals. We will help make sure essential appointments are scheduled with your primary care provider, specialty provider, and other behavioral and mental healthcare providers as you prepare for discharge. Also, your aftercare plan will include the vital continuum of care components such as ongoing therapy, 12-step, and other community support engagement opportunities, assistance with housing, education, and employment training. 

At Lionheart Recovery, we understand that aftercare has many essential benefits that help you maintain sobriety while overcoming addiction and maintaining long-term recovery. Because aftercare occurs immediately after treatment, it helps recovering addicts transition smoothly into the post-treatment environment without any lapses in the level of care and support that have allowed them to come so far on their journey. During treatment, a strong focus is placed on learning to adapt safe and healthy coping skills to use during triggering times. The programs that are part of a comprehensive aftercare program provide you the opportunity to continue learning new and effective coping strategies. They also offer the chance to practice what you learned during treatment to improve your ability to use those techniques when you need them most. Our comprehensive aftercare programs include ongoing access to therapy supports, medical supports, and peer-supports – all essential elements in the early recovery and ongoing recovery process.

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Many who complete an addiction treatment program like ours at Lionheart Recovery are not yet ready to move forwards without a strong support structure in place when treatment ends.  For many, the addiction recovery process is long (often life-long) and will inevitably include various setbacks and struggles along the way. The residential program at LHR can help you learn more about the roots of your addiction, barriers to sobriety, and coping skills needed to prevent relapse. Upon completing treatment and returning home to families, friends, and the community environment, many of the triggers and challenges they struggled with previously will still be there. During the early stages of recovery, it can be comforting to know there is a strong and stable support structure behind you to provide support and guidance. Recovering addicts, regardless of how long they’ve been in recovery, must be consistently attentive to their sobriety to avoid slips or a full relapse. The aftercare planning process and alumni program at Lionheart Recovery can help you continue your journey to recovery.

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