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Evidence-Based Substance Use Treatment in Las Vegas

Treatment Services

An Introduction to Substance Use Treatment

Our Las Vegas Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

At Lionheart Recovery Center, our team of caring and compassionate treatment professionals understands the difficult road many walk before acknowledging their struggle with substance use. Here at our Las Vegas drug rehab, we will work with you to create a unique and individualized treatment plan that cares for you as a whole person, not just your addiction. Our highly trained team of providers is skilled in evidence-based, traditional therapy modalities like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing but also understands the value of holistic treatment models like aquatic therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, and so much more. We know that the most successful treatment programs are those that put the treatment needs and goals of our participants first. Addiction is unique and impacts everyone differently. Our unique addiction-centered therapies include:

When you enter Lionheart Recovery you will be greeted by your personal treatment concierge, who will assist you throughout your initial intake process. You will be seen by our medical and clinical staff to assess withdrawal symptoms and address any needs you have to ease those discomforts. To learn more about our welcome package visit our “What to Expect at Lionheart Recovery” page by clicking here.

We believe that our superior food is not just good for the soul, but is critical to ones comfort when away from home. Our food is prepared everyday by a personal chef that is well versed in nutrition and has over 30 years in the hospitality industry.  Not only that, all of our nutritious meals are farm-to-table, using local natural resources to help our residents heal their body from the damage done by active addiction.

We value the importance of insuring that our patients are also provided amenities that are key contributors on their journey to sobriety. It’s critical to offer a variety of extracurricular activities to keep our patients happy over the weekend. The primary patients leave recovery centers before their treatment is completed, is due to fact that they are bored and depressed during down. Not at Lionheart! Lionheart offers a variety of self care activities such as yoga, cooking lessons, basketball, a pool table, big screen televisions, a gym and a beautiful pool that allows you to relax in a serine environment. We are also fortunate to back up to one of the biggest parks in Las Vegas, allowing us to take group outings to either walk, or participation in activities if one choses to do so.

We support the family unit and promote family intervention and participation. This comes with some supplemental training and education on how best to support your loved one while visiting them in Lionheart and when they leave.

We are with you every step of the way!

Lionheart knows how important good sleep is to the healing process. All of our beds are top of the line, gel infused memory foam. you will discover  comfort is our signature and you will discover this every in every area of our facility.

There are plenty of cookie-cutter programs that focus on the substance you struggle with over the holistic needs at the root of your addiction are not likely to lead to long-term sobriety and lasting recovery. At our boutique inpatient rehab in Las Vegas, we focus on the holistic needs of each person who steps through our doors. Whether you are a Veteran who has served our country and now needs guidance to face down their addiction or anyone else struggling with the bonds of addiction, our treatment team is here to help you as you progress on your sobriety journey. 

Addictions We Treat

Understanding Drug & Alcohol Addiction

There are Millions of Americans Who Suffer from Substance Use

Across America, millions of people struggle with symptoms and challenges related to addiction (also referred to as substance use disorders). Data provided by the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately twenty-one million people over the age of twelve struggle with at least one addiction. While this number is large and troubling, perhaps the more concerning data concerns those who may never receive treatment. It is estimated that as few as ten percent of all those who struggle with addiction will ever seek or receive essential treatment to help overcome their addiction and begin a life of sobriety. It is vital to remember that despite previous beliefs, addiction is not a choice, it is a valid health condition that requires treatment.

Although the decision to drink or experiment with substances may, at first, be voluntary, the effects substance use has on the body and brain eventually make the ability to stop using without help and guidance difficult, if not impossible. Addiction is a disease that knows no bounds. It does not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, social status, economic stability, or religious affiliation. It touches the lives of addicts, their families, friends, and loved ones in ways that are immeasurable.

Here at Lionheart Recovery Center, we have created a safe space where you can find your own, personal path to sustainable recovery from drug & alcohol addiction.

How Our Treatment Center in Las Vegas Can Help

Substance Use Treatment Services

Lionheart Recovery Center is a brand-new, ultramodern substance use treatment program located in the heart of the Tomiyasu area of Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer a refreshing change to addiction treatment with tailor-made treatment plans and an exclusive program for our veterans. Our luxury amenities are meant to boost our client’s self-esteem and provide a true path to healing and recovery from addiction.


The first step in the treatment process, our detoxification services can help ease the pain of withdrawal all while in a comfortable and safe environment.


Once detox is completed, clients begin the work to achieve long-term success in addiction recovery through our expertly-crafted residential inpatient program.

Veteran's Program

Our exclusive veteran's program is made specifically for vets who need treatment for substance use, trauma, and co-occurring disorders in our specialized program.

Treatment Services

Our Las Vegas drug & alcohol treatment center was designed to focus on you. Your individual needs in treatment are our top priority from the day you enter our program.


1 in 4 clients who seek treatment for substance use also suffer from a co-occurring mental illness? We do, which is why we offer dual diagnosis programming.

Activities & Wellness

From our nutrition & wellness focus to our extracurricular activities, our clients will learn how to live life without drugs & alcohol, while having fun!

How to Know If Someone is Abusing Drugs

Signs and Symptoms of
Drug & Alcohol Use

The signs and symptoms of addiction look different from person to person. One can become addicted to many different substances, including marijuana, stimulants, sedatives, tobacco, alcohol, opioid painkillers, and various other substances. Each separate substance will itself contribute to variations in how addiction “looks” in your friend or loved one. When someone first starts using, the way the brain releases chemicals to the body changes. One of the most heavily impacted chemicals is dopamine. Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the body responsible for feelings of happiness and euphoria. Eventually, with ongoing use, someone who uses regularly will find they cannot achieve similar levels of joy or pleasure without using or drinking. Also, they eventually begin to develop tolerance to their chosen substances. This means the number of drugs or alcohol required to attain effects similar to those experienced when they first started using increases. Increased tolerance is a sign of addiction and can sometimes be an early warning sign of a level of use that could lead to overdose. 

While each substance does have unique effects, several common effects are seen in many cases. Some of the most common, notable signs or symptoms of addiction include changes to physical appearance, appetite changes, lack of energy, new or worsening financial or legal difficulties, weight changes (typically weight loss), defensiveness when asked about drug or alcohol use, alterations in behavior and new or worsening troubles at home, work or school. In addition to the above, someone who struggles with a negative relationship with alcohol may also experience a significant lack of control over how much they drink, increased isolation (preferring to drink alone), mood swings, emotional disturbances, and continuing to drink (or seek alcohol) regardless of ongoing adverse effects related to drinking. 

"Through my time here I have dropped the cane with all the help of the employees, diet, positive groups all day, now I am off the cane, doing yoga poses, and I couldn’t even walk when I came here. Doctors told me I would never walk without a cane again. I’m so grateful for the all around treatment that Lionheart provides.”
Doug H
How to Find the Best Las Vegas Treatment Center

How Can Quality Addiction Treatment in Las Vegas Help?

Acknowledging a struggle with addiction is only the first step on your road to recovery. However, it is only after doing so that you can fully engage in a therapeutic treatment program like Lionheart Recovery in Las Vegas. The best treatment programs are those that are comprehensive (meaning they begin with detox and then provide support and guidance for clients through treatment and aftercare) and unique to the individual seeking treatment. When you enter an addiction treatment program, detox is often the first step. Our drug & alcohol detox in Las Vegas helps with the essential process of cleansing the body of any substance or substances that may remain. 

Without effective detox, addicts seeking sobriety are often unable to fully immerse themselves in a treatment program as they will still face challenges such as cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It is also important to remember that detoxing from certain substances (such as alcohol or opioids) can be dangerous and often leads to relapse. Our detox program at Lionheart Recovery will ensure you are supported throughout detox while your body learns to function without substances. For many, the detox process, whether from drugs or alcohol, can be scary, unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous, which is why a supervised detox program is so vital to your success in treatment. 

Once detox is complete, you can transition into a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program here in our Las Vegas addiction treatment center. Our boutique drug treatment program in Las Vegas, located in the Tomiyasu area, provides individualized treatment plans that address your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during treatment. Our inpatient programs offer evidence-based therapies and alternative therapies as part of a comprehensive, truly personalized addiction treatment plan. You will be able to access your personalized treatment plan upon admission. To learn more about what to expect at Lionheart Recovery Center click here.

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