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Explore Our Las Vegas Treatment Center

Our Environment

Recovery Redefined.

A Boutique Recovery Experience

Lionheart Recovery Center is a boutique drug & alcohol treatment facility located in the famous Tamiyasu area of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nestled in this quiet residential neighborhood, our residential setting provides our residents with world-class amenities and an environment that is the perfect backdrop for those seeking addiction recovery.

Keep scrolling to explore our facility that offers luxury, serenity and healing.

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Welcome, Home.

Group Living Room

Welcome to the heart of Lionheart Recovery Center, our group lounge and meeting areas. We handcrafted these spacious and modern environments where our clients can meet with each other and their loved ones in a comfortable setting. Our fireplace and decor only add to the healing nature of the space, where you can feel safe to share and visit. Our client lounge is surrounded by big beautiful windows and is perfect for group therapy and for our clients to just watch television on their time off.

Family Style Meals for All.

Dining Area & Breakfast Bar

Our dining room is part of our welcoming environment and includes large table with comfortable chairs where meals are shared by all. Clients can also enjoy our 24/7 breakfast bar, where coffee, juices, and snacks are available throughout the day. 

The Heart of Our Facility.

Kitchen & Client Lounge

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home and is a place that feeds our souls with exceptional food that is comforting and nutritious. While checking into Lionheart, we will be asking our clients what their favorite foods and snacks are so that we can ensure that some of these creature comforts are available to make our clients feel more at home. 

Your Safe Space When Healing.

Semi-Private Bedrooms

The bedrooms at Lionheart Recovery Center are spacious and esthetically appealing and include high-end comfortable mattresses with gel-infused foam, comfortable pillows, and soothing sheets to make sure everyone is getting a good night’s sleep. We believe that a good night’s sleep is critical to the healing process and we have made a commitment to go above and beyond in providing the best possible comfort available. 

Providing World-Class Care.

Therapist Offices

Where our licensed and professional therapists will meet with clients and families. We created safe spaces where clients can open up about the deep-rooted issues that lead to substance use in the first place. Through caring and compassionate treatment, our clients find their own personal solutions to addictionn.

Recovery Through Community.

Entertainment Lounge

Our entertainment lounge was created to allow all clients an area to just relax and play pool, watch movies, sporting events, and to indulge in popcorn and other snacks in the evenings or over the weekends. Our specialized veterans’ groups will also take place here.

Food for the Soul.

Exploring Food

Your total health and wellness is our goal at Lionheart.  Cooking can also be fun and and relaxing.  Join our on site Executive chef, Hope Bailey, for a cooking class. Share your favorite recipes, talk with our Registered Dietitian to ensure your overall health while in treatment.
Wellness Begins Here.

Fitness & Exercise Gym

Our treatment goals include physical wellness, which not only improves health, but creates mental well-being. Tommy Lopez is a certified personal trainer and Recovery Fit instructor. This enables him to apply Lionheart’s various fitness tools with life skills. He is able to teach effective ways of dealing with the demands and challenges of life, improve self-esteem, and interrupt negative thoughts. Improvements to physical health, paired with the psychological impacts of exercise, can vastly improve overall quality of life.

Sober Fun in the Sun!

Pool & Outdoor Space

The backyard at Lionheart Recovery Center is truly an experience. Enjoy our pool, spa and lounge area. a game of ping pong ,  or simply relax at our designated smoking area. 

A Personal Experience in Recovery.

Amenities & Extras

Watch movies, read a book , plays games Lionheart provides you with your personal iPad throughout your stay with us. 
Recovery Redefined.

Lionheart's Promise

Lionheart Recovery Center started by a team that took their experience in the hospitality, behavioral health, and fitness industries, and applied it to their mission of helping those suffering from substance use. The result is a multifaceted program with gracious accommodations and compassionate care. Lionheart’s promise is from the moment you enter our doors, you can count on nothing but respect, kindness, and understanding.

Freedom from Addiction is Possible

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