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Who We Are

We're on a Mission to Help Others Recover

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At LionHeart, our belief system is our operating system.  We are defined by what we value most: Our compassion, our capacity, and our continuity. Every decision we make is anchored by the compassion we have for our clients. It’s that real. But it’s far from simple. The care we take to maximize our impact is an alchemy of lives touching lives. It’s always an honor to welcome someone into the LionHeart family. The legacy of our work is only as strong as those we so fiercely support.



sympathetic concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others

Arms linked together, hearts open, the community that is LionHeart shares the collective experiences of thousands of people. No story is too scary, no soul is too meek. We understand. We feel. We are here.



the ability or power to do, experience, or comprehend something

As practitioners, experts in the fields of addiction and recovery, our commitment to excellence is grounded by extensive knowledge and an enduring curiosity. We’re driven only by the needs of our clients. A single moment can demand both intimacy and expansion. We hold it all because that is the humanity of recovery.



the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time

Building back lives that have been sucker-punched by addiction is not a 30-day experience. Entire family structures need support to continue recovery work. We design programs for new beginnings and not abrupt ends. Relationships are formed at LionHeart that define life-long directions. We’re part of that journey for as long as we’re needed. 

Our Vision

A rehabilitation oasis that nurtures sobriety, hope, and aspirations for a bright future;

A community of residents and staff entwined together by their commitment to recovery;

A shared philosophy of accountability and support that is life-changing for both the clients and their families throughout the treatment process.

What We Believe In

Our Mission

Lionheart Recovery Center stands together in solidarity with those who come to us for recovery, along with the friends and family who support their journey. It is our mission to understand their addiction and the impact it has had on their entire life. We customize and design treatment plans that address the root causes of addiction and establishes outcomes that are both realistic and aspirational. The administrative, medical and clinical staff of Lionheart are committed to our core values of compassion, capacity, and continuity. Together, we’re a force for changing lives

Our Founder's Story & Lionheart Beginnings

How Connie's Personal Experience with Addiction Changed Everything...

You may be asking yourself how Lionheart Recovery Center came to be.

My story is sewn into the fabric of this center. I’m deeply committed to our mission and cannot think of anything I’d rather put my energy towards. This passion and purpose have been years in the making.

Since the early ’90s, I have personally vetted numerous facilities on behalf of loved ones suffering from addiction.  I know first-hand the juggle of emotions, the untethered urgency, the disruptions in the middle of the night, the wanting that everything will be OK. But through all these years, I have never experienced the sense of relief I was looking for when the doors closed behind me after saying goodbye, good luck, I love you.

These recovery centers have not been what they should have been, what they could have been.  To be very specific, I have left both relatives and friends in centers that have felt cold and even stale, where the staff felt spread thin and tired. I have noticed details that show a lack of care and attention.  I’ve even been asked by my loved ones in residence to bring them better food and a basic, good pillow. In these moments, I thought that if I ever had an opportunity to open a rehab, these issues would be addressed above and beyond.      

But worst of the worst, I finally experienced a center so ill-equipped that it literally killed my cherished friend. Dana was beautiful, healthy, and vivacious. She was truly my best friend and confidant. We lived life to its fullest until we didn’t anymore. 

When she was 37 years old, Dana fell off her horse and hurt her back. After surgery, Vicodin was prescribed and she became addicted.  Two quiet years passed with her not realizing and me not knowing.  What followed was a difficult, sad, and laborious three-year journey that had us visiting dozens of rehab centers, and ultimately admitted her into several of them, with the hope that each would provide the care and the rehabilitation that was needed. 

Indeed, hope is a powerful thing. In fact, Dana and I were both infused with it the day she died. I had visited her in the late afternoon. She died 11 pm that night from an accidental overdose of medicine administered to her by a careless member of the staff.

LionHeart is not born from this pain and loss. Those emotions were fully experienced. LionHeart is new growth. It’s a proclamation in the memory of Dana. We are as strong as a lion’s heart, here to hold and to heal and to always be the resource for professional and sustainable recovery from addiction. 

You have my word.

Connie Armijo

Founder + CEO

A Group Dedicated to Your Health & Wellness

Caring & Compassion Through A Higher Standard of Care

Our Executive & Clinical Team

Our clinical staff’s reputation is considered some of the BEST in the industry, with impressive credentials, high level of experience and excellent bedside manner. We provide detox, and individual treatment plans that are designed specifically to the clients addiction. In addition, we provide a plethora of therapies such as aquatic therapies, equine therapy, music therapy, art therapy, just to name a few. 


Connie Armijo

Co-CEO & Founder

Debbie Tibey

Co-CEO & Founder

Kayla Briers, LMFT, LCADC

COO & Program Director
Dr Mustafa Rawaf

Mustafa Rawaf, DO, FABPM

Medical Director

Tommy Lopez

Operations Manager

Ryan Taylor

In loving memory of our founding Business Development Director

Andrew Hardy, CADC-I

Case Management Director / Veteran Liason

Hope Bailey

Executive Chef
"The team at Lionheart Recovery Center is truly a group of dedicated people who care about the outcome. If you are in need of help, LRC is one of your best choices for addiction treatment in Las vegas!"
John R.
"Connie Armijo is one of the most dedicated people I know. The work and attention to detail at LRC is unlike most rehabs. If you need help, let LRC help you. They know what they are doing and will be there for you."
Ellen S.
"Choosing an addiction treatment provider can be overwhelming. The team at Lionheart Recovery Center is there to help every step of the way. They will find you the best treatment that works for you, even if it's not at their program. They truly care!"
Christopher M.
Person in Recovery

Freedom from Addiction is Possible

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